Visual Practise Year 1, Term 3. My final works of my first year as it comes to an end. From my past two posts, “Cover Up” and “Uncovered” you will know that this has been the most challenging term of my first year.

Initially, I wanted to explore the tensions between sexualising/ objectifying a woman and liberating a woman in front of the lens. The way I intended to do this was to some how show that both concepts could be defined in one image; the juxtaposition of sexualising a woman in an image could be counter acted by her being perceived as de-sexualised. However, your confusion is the reason I took a step back – I was becoming too conceptual for my own good.

I progressed to choosing one concept; how to de-sexualise an image of the female physique. I researched into Graham Clarke’s “The Photograph” and his chapter on “The Body in Photography” which lead me to researching the photographers Alfred Stieglitz and Bill Brandt.

Stieglitz spent his life capturing the model Georgie O’Keefe, from portraits to compositions of her body. The model was adamant that she would not be seen as a woman, she will be seen as who she is. This statement stood out to me; that the body of a woman is something of the personal, conveying individual identity. Whilst Brandt used unusual angles, close-ups, shadows and lighting to compose abstract compositions of various body part. I used these two styling and interpreted them to my own compositions to fit my new proposal; how to de-sexualise an image of the female form.

My finals are a series of black and white images; no colour, no identification toward the models. Just simplistic, partially abstract images which de-sexualise and un-objectify the woman. Which brings us to my final 10 image, concluding this term and concluding my first year as a photography student.

Here’s to being a third of the way through…

K x


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