Zadar, Croatia; 11th – 15th April 2017

Zadar is the 5th biggest city in Croatia. Although the city can be a hot-spot for tourists during the summer, we managed to avoid this by travelling during off-peak season (a major fluke). I’d definitely recommend this for wherever you endeavour as it permits you to live within the culture of the city, rather than what the tourist circulation provides.

Being unfamiliar with Zadar and not very well acquainted with Croatia itself lead to a sense of anticipation as to what to expect. We stayed in the Old Town within Zadar; a completely pedestrianised town, conserving Roman ruins and Romanesque buildings, church tower and cathedral – the pictures above don’t do the town justice. From the moment we stepped foot into the Old Town, we knew we didn’t want to leave. We didn’t even care that we had no way of finding our accommodation at 11.30pm with no phone service, walking around the Old Town as it was at rest was more than enough.

By day the town was full of locals, good coffee, better cafes, amazing food and a wonderful atmosphere. The Old Town held so much history, for example, the Cathedral and tower of St Anastasia is a remarkable place to visit. The views from the tower are breath-taking (make sure you’re good with stairs, I used up like 8 inhalers) seen in the photos above.

Sunset fell over the city, the best place to watch the transition into nightfall was the Sea Organ. A collection of organ pipes underneath the shore-side pavements, the waves would crash against the pipes making music simply from the sea. It’s said to be the most natural music made, boy is that an understatement.

By night the bars filled with people and the glasses filled with every drink under the sun… or the moon. The Sun Salutation was a incredible spot created by Nikola Bašić, sat above the Sea Organ the 22m wide circle of solar glass plates soak up the sun by day and emit an array of light by night, said to simulate the solar system.

Venturing out of the Old Town was just as breathtaking; from exploring the city of Zadar to the beaches and marina close by. However, nothing compared to Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Plitvice Lakes is one of the top National Parks in Europe. Located around 2 hours away from Zadar, this National Park holds beautiful scenes of plantation, wildlife and waterfalls. The untouched scenery and lakes are a must-see visit if you ever find yourself remotely near the area.

Zadar was a winner, perhaps not the conventional beach-like-postcard-type-holiday but a city full of life and vibrancy.

A pleasure as always.

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