Behind the Scenes: Kevin Murphy


Being a growing photographer means taking every chance you can get to learn and experience in the industry you wish to pursue. Kevin Murphy is a hair care brand that I’ve grown up with, in turn allowing me to attend exclusive shoots and shows that permit me to experience the industry of fashion, hair and photography.

This particular shoot was to showcase the graduates that have came into the company, showing their skills as hairdressers – to then be shot and published by a professional photographer Karl Collins. I was able to take some observational photography from the day, whilst learning a lot in the process.

Paired with this knowledge was an NTU studio workshop I attended not long after this shoot, tying my existing knowledge of the studio together…

Working in the studio – notes…

  • The studio set up used a Profoto soft box, beauty dish and light reflector.
  • The soft box had a black grid over the lamp to create a gradient in the images.
  • Beauty dish provided detail toward makeup and styling, white dish creates warmer aesthetic / rarely use silver
  • Top down lighting creates a more dramatic portrait.
  • Reflector; gold side = warm / silver side = cooler (more dramatic) – also acts as another light if necessary
  • Snoot lamp modifier creates a dramatic spotlight effect on model.
  • Start with 200ISO, 1/125ss & f5.6 but use a light meter!\


I hope all this was somewhat helpful and hasn’t come across as a different language…

.jpeg x


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