Amsterdam; 15th – 19th December 2016

Van Gogh Museum

Starry Night is one of my all time favourite pieces of art work so I simply had to go to Van Gogh’s museum; 3 floors of incredible pieces of work. Museumplein is where Van Gogh was situated and if we had more time (and money) I’d definitely recommend checking out the other museums within the square.

Canal Cruise

Even if you haven’t read The Fault in our Stars you must know that a canal cruise is an obligatory activity when it comes to visiting the city of Amsterdam. A brilliant way to see the sights of Amsterdam whilst bobbing along the countless canals.

Coffee Shops

We have Costa, Starbucks and Nero but these don’t touch on the coffee shops of Amsterdam… I’d say that the commodities of these coffee shops are a lot… Stronger? I’ll shut up now.


  • Leidseplein
  • Nine Streets
  • Albert Cuyp

There are many many many more markets in the city but these are my personal favourites. Walking between the markets provides the perfect opportunity to explore Amsterdam and its beauty of architecture, culture and atmosphere.

Rembrandt Square

A night out in Amsterdam is located in this square; from independent bars and pubs to the world renowned ICE Bar, I’d definitely recommend this place. I will warn you, we had 40€ for the entire night between us and two Captain Morgans & coke totalled 17.50€, so if you’re a travelling student, I’d definitely think about pre-drinking…


Being the exercisephobe that I am, I couldn’t believe the amount of cyclists that the city held. But (after much convincing) it was incredible to simply cycle around the city. Vandal Park is like the Hyde Park of Amsterdam and is brilliant on the bikes!

Red Light District 

Sex shops, strip clubs and adult theatres galore. I’m not kidding. There were women behind glass doors advertising their (amazing) bodies, live porn shows and dildos the size of my head – the urban district definitely lives up to its reputation…


Amsterdam, thank you for the memories.

.jpeg x


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